Adventure Notes

Dorset 2018

Our trip started on Saturday 26th May  -2th June .We all was in the same train to our destination ,Dorset ,Tom’s Field campsite.   For first day we just managed to get the campsite by bus and setting up our tent and do some shopping from city which was kindly offered by Becci and after …

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Safeguarding:         I attended the Safe Guarding Course early 2018 provided by Safety Net So as to provide protection amongst Children, Young People and Adults at risk from any abuse and neglect regardless of Age, Gender, Religion or Ethnicity     Safety-Net instructed Training, Advice and Guidance to tackle any matters that could arise …


Adventure Camp 2017

Henrietta I want to say a special thank you to Tony and his lovely family,Becci , Andrew, and to all the volunteers, who provided such an outstanding summer time week for us. Seven days with lots of challenges and so many wonderful activities and fun times. What an amazing piece of organisation you put together. …

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