Bivi Workshop March 11th.

Even though it was a bit misty and cold, 14 members of Craggers met up in Tarner Park on Saturday 11 March at 11.00. Tony was leading the first session of Craggers’ Survival And Bushcraft School, (SABS).

First the children did a rescue drill. They had to pretend one of them was injured and they had to move him using available kit. This kit was a basha, which is a kind of big sheet. They folded it over and after the casualty had been rolled onto it, everyone took an edge and it became a make shift stretcher. We carried the casualty round the park this way.

We then worked on knots. We practiced the Evenk knot, A round turn and 2 half hitches, a bowline, and Prussik. We will use these knots to secure our basha shelter on the bivi-out.

We did a bit of knife work. We practiced whittling and notching to make tent pegs.

Everyone seemed to have fun learning these new skills and it was good to see new people joining Craggers.


It was very nice to meet you all!! and i must say that I’m really impressed with the training given last Saturday from both of you. Professional and straight forward to the point -essential points, well organized with full of useful information. I have left with may mind clear and confident- right choice!
Today we have been practicing the knots!! we were sitting in front of the computer watching the video made last Saturday and following both of you…some knots still difficult to make!!
About the time on Saturday, it fit just perfect!! Francisco wont miss anything this weekend… I’m going to sleep now, I have just 5hours left!! See you soon, Francisco (my son) and I can’t wait for the Bivi trip!! we are so exciting !!!

Thanks a lot Tony and Becci
All information was great and helpful ,I not sure if I can join you on weekend but I will try to come for continueing this professional workshop.
Kinds Regards Monir

I learned how to supervise safely my 4,5 years old meanwhile he was handling a sharp knife , improved my confidence and practical parental skills. My son was very proud on himself when he achieved the right shape of the carved stick.