I attended the Safe Guarding Course early 2018 provided by Safety Net So as to provide protection amongst Children, Young People and Adults at risk from any abuse and neglect regardless of Age, Gender, Religion or Ethnicity

    Safety-Net instructed Training, Advice and Guidance to tackle any matters that could arise and to follow good Safeguarding Policies and Procedures to keep vulnerable Persons safe from adults and children that might pose a risk within our voluntary and community organisation.


  •  Protecting Adults/Children and Young Person from abuse and maltreatment
  •  Preventing Harm to health and development
  •  Ensuring children grow up with safe and effective care
  •  Taking Action for all Persons to have the best outcome
    Safety-Net has provided Safety Training since 1995 they are based on a programme called Protection Behaviour (PBs) to deliver the approach of  “Feeling Good, Feeling Safe”
   I spent the day at the Emmaus Centre with the Safety-Net Trainer in a friendly environment with a mixture of people from various organisations and schools even the Head from Windlesham School all bringing their own experiences and situations they would like to resolve with the best outcomes for everyone
   Children and Adults in situations where they feel worried or unsafe even if its feeling Stressed, Bullied or Threatened or Prevent Abuse are welcome to speak to the Safety Lead. We All Have the right to Feel Safe All the Time and to also Speak to someone even if it feels awful or small. We all also have the responsibility and right to keep Children, Young People and Adults Safe..
Thank you
Sa Jay