May Half Term Dorset 2017

When we started the camp I had around £16 and couple of pences with me. I had to pay for the cab to get to the meeting point. It was £15.00, as I started our trip to say this is all I have for this taxi ride. 

So we started our week long camp with a bit than £1 in my pocket. It was very distressing but Becci borrowed me £20 for buying food. I had a few penny left after I have bought the tokens for the shower in the camp. 

Altogether it was a fantastic camp and I would never enjoy mysel with my 5 years old with literally no money just with the Craggers where everyone support each other and doing great activities like walking and climbing. My well being improved next to my son loved being together with other kids and climbing rocks. 

Thank you Craggers for the life-time memories.