Dorset 2018

Our trip started on Saturday 26th May  -2th June .We all was in the same train to our destination ,Dorset ,Tom’s Field campsite.
For first day we just managed to get the campsite by bus and setting up our tent and do some shopping from city which was kindly offered by Becci and after relax for the rest of the evening.
For second and third day which the weather was wonderful,we had climbing and some training for us and our children.
The spectacular landscapes and especial view was enough to make the great times,just sit and have a look round .However we did mix it up all these beauties with some great knowledge about climbing.
Next day as was not suited for climbing we head down to the steam train ? station which was great to find the right way with using map and navigation and pacing which we all managed to practice half a day lesson and then start walking..
One other day we had wild food recognition with Tony and Sha.We was lucky that we had a variety of different plants in that campsite.
In terms of what we did as learning ,me and Sha manage to make a good understanding of different kinds of knots ,although still we need more practice but now I feel more confident to do some jobs independently.
At the last Day of our camping which was Friday we had a great walking to Clifts,which was half by car and half by foot.
Kids enjoyed  a lot especially when they start soaking in black muds on the beach.
In the way back we walked  through the village which was one of my favourite ,we  had a chat with villagers which was nice and fun.
Most night we had a funny symphony of  sheep  and fabulous dawn with birds singing.
This trip was combination of some sort of unexpected difficulties but wonderful experience.
Thank you Tony and Becci for making this happen for us.