Preston Park Walk, 5th July 2015

Malcolm and I met up by the Rotunda Cafe. While we waited to see if anyone else turned up, we could see the newts moving around in the pond. I really like newts and it is great to spot them thriving, as they are a protected and declining species in this country. There were common ones and crested ones.
Our walk took us across the central path of the park heading north. The rain had not long stopped and everything smelt lovely. Some of the bowls pitches have been turned into wild flower meadows; they have many different flowering species, different colours, all about knee height which give the impression of walking through a rainbow ocean.
We went right up to the old Preston Church. In the graveyard I saw a baby robin foraging about, it’s breast still speckled and not yet red. Then through the back of the Preston Manor house into the formal gardens. The plants there are very different, more exotic, not the same as the main park area. We had a look at the pet cemetery; Malcolm pointed this out as I had never seen it before and I particularly noted the grave of George the Pavilion Cat, who had a book written about him.
 We walked by the Preston twins, which are the oldest Elm trees in the country. Then we headed back to the rotunda.
We were only out about an hour, but it made me feel really good. I find even a short walk ‘blows the cobwebs’ out of my mind and lifts my mood!