Wye Valley

When asked the question, ” what are you and the family doing for the half term break”. I answered, “Going camping in wales with a group a climbing group called Craggers”. Most of them responded, are you mad, it’s freezing, or words similar to that. Even i was thinking, maybe they’re right, i must be mad camping with small kids at the end at october.  but I can honestly say, it was the best half term holiday me and my family ever had.

There was about 11 of us int the group in total, with various ages, the youngest being 3 months and we had differnt experiences to bring to the group.

We stayed at the Hollybush Inn, which is situated between the black mountains and the river Wye. We were camping in the natural woodlands right next to the river, which was magical. It was a picture postcard setting.

On the first 2 days, we went canoeing which my kids of 4 and 9 years had never done before.  Trying to hide my fear of falling in the river, we all set of in canoes. The surroundings were amazing. There was nothing around us, except the colours, sounds and beauty of nature. Not only was the canoeing thrilling and exciting but being really surrounded and submerged in natures wildlife was glourious and a huge relief to be away from the city life.

We also went climbing and walking in the Forest of Dean and closeby around the wye Valley. Which again was beautiful.

The community we created was warm and cosy. we had big blazing fires at night. When at the camp, the children would be exploring the woods, skimming pebbles on the river and visiting the pig who lived up the small hill from us. I felt confident they were safe, and the appeared happy to be free from the restrictions of the city.

The Wye Valley trip with craggers was a wonderful experience for my family and . Without this group I don’t think we would have experienced such  a holiday.

When asked how was your holiday, I was so proud and pleased to say, it was the best holiday we’ve had in a long time.