Wild Food Walk

Craggers has always had very strong links with Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project (BUCFP), in fact Craggers came about after I had taken people from the Centre on adventures in Wales and to Blackland Farm starting back in 1996.  The connection has continued and most of the people attending our annual adventure camp still come from the Centre.

We have done one off Bushcraft events for the Centre and when we were asked to do a wild food walk as part of a day of events around food, hosted by BUCFP we were delighted. We walked a route before the event itself and surprised ourselves at the amount of good, edible food that was on offer in the urban environment. Foraging is, of course easier in spring and autumn but can also supplement your diet throughout the year. Invest in a good foraging book and surprise yourself, enjoy some exciting new tastes and save money.

The event itself was fantastic; a wonderful vegan buffet feast and lots of informative talks and demonstrations.

At the end of the afternoon two of our volunteers led a walk through the town, starting at Tarner Park behind the Centre and then up to Queens Park. About 20, very enthusiastic adults and children were on the walk and we identified about 20 different wild foods.