Let’s see that was way back in June. I remember the weather was extremely kind to us and we managed to get 4 full days of climbing in which is quite rare for that country!! It was an incredibly beautiful campsite and conveniently right next to the bus stop. I’m not used to getting public transport to campsites and climbing venues but if they were all as easily accessible as this one I would more often. The midges however were ferocious and I would recommend some proper military style midge netting as the tea towel and woolly hat approach wasn’t too effective. As for bug repellent the little blighters are immune in my opinion.


The first day was spent in Llanberis pass doing a couple of multi pitch climbs with Tony leading and Zoë and I following. I learnt a lot about rope work on stances and ways of setting up a stance so that the changeover was more efficient and simple. I wish I could remember the names and grades of the climbs as I would definitely repeat them!!


The following day we went back to the pass this time doing a climb with Tony leading the first pitch, me the second pitch and Zoë the final pitch so we could put into practice what we had learnt the day before. Again I’ve forgotten the name but I do remember belaying in a wonderfully exposed stance looking out onto the pass and feeling on top of the world. I love the solitude of these moments when you’re out on a limb, belaying your mates up, just taking it all in.


Then we swapped Brae and Torin duty with Spanna and Buster so they could climb while we went into town for lovely homemade ice cream, they even had vegan flavours! The next day it was back to the pass again for Tony and me in the morning to climb Sabre Cut VS4c. The only climb I remember the name and grade of and that’s because it was one of the most awesome and memorable climbs of my life. Tony led the first pitch and I the second. It was a long corner crack with another crack within it so plenty of gear should you feel the need. Quite amazing and a great abseil rather than walk down. Heaven for my old knees.


Then I think it was time to swap with Spanna and Buster and they had a go on something groovy but I can’t quite remember.


The last day was spent at Idwyll Slabs and Tony and Buster did one called Tennis Shoe. Zoë, Torin and I decided not to climb and spend some quality time lounging around the lake that the slabs overlook before catching the bus back base and doing a spot of bouldering near the campsite. I believe the climb Buster and Tony did was pretty cool and Buster even led a pitch. Pretty good going for an 11 year old if you ask me!


Other memories I have of the trip are the incredibly steep walk ins at Llanberis Pass. Down climbing on the scree after a climb and how very very beautifull Wales is when it’s not raining.

Love and Hugs, Christine