Craggers Kids

In 2005 we helped Craggers kids form. This is a group of Craggers families that is run primarily by the children and parents within Craggers.  It has a separate constitution and bank account and does its own fundraising.  Craggers support the group with volunteers, training and equipment.

The group was formed to better meet the needs of the families and children so that the Craggers main group can focus on the needs of volunteers in terms of training and work experience.

There has been more consultation with the children and families to identify their needs through meetings and discussion. We then put together a list of activities that the children wanted to do and then sought the funding to do it with.

During the past year the group has been to the New Forest to do tree climbing, mushroom hunting and bike riding.

They have been to a local adventure camp where they took part in various outdoor activities including kayaking, climbing and high wire activities as well as live communally on a large camp for a week.   Another main trip was to the Lake District where the children reached the top of two mountains and went rock climbing.

At the end of every month we have also had a children’s day where we have taken a group of children out for the day on a local walk or activity such as to a dry ski slope, to the woods for training in bushcraft skills or climbing on local sandstone.