AMI Training

As part of its commitment to its members the Association of Mountaineering Instructors runs regular training sessions. These sessions are run at cost so are amazingly good value. The ones I attended were really useful and will help me on my way to attain the Mountain Instructor Award and to continue to provide training to Craggers members, using tips provided by some of the best trainers in the country. The weekends are used by people like me wanting to polish up my skill before attending assessment and by award holders who want to keep in touch with what is current best practice in the industry.


The trainees are always a mixed bunch and climbing skills vary massively. I have been on a course with arguably the best female climber in the country who was still worried about her assessment because this is a teaching award and involves much more than just the ability to climb in the high E grades.


The content of the weekend activities is decided by the trainees themselves at the morning meeting on Saturday. Most people will want to spend a day short roping and a day either problem solving or practicing teaching skills.
One evening after training during the June course I got to second perhaps the most iconic climb in Wales, Cenotaph Corner. Even though I didn’t lead it, it was one of the highlights of my climbing career.