Bringing adventure to all

Helping unemployed / low income families, and other socially excluded people experience adventurous activities since 1999.

Our adventures include hill walking, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, bushcraft, mountaineering and an annual adventure camp.





Adventure to Health Project.

Getting outdoors into nature increases health and well-being. Doing it with others makes it even better!

Join us for 12 months of health boosting outdoor fun including; walking, climbing, bivi-out's, bird watching, wild food foraging, bushcraft and a kids survival school.



Adventure Camp is on! Saturday 19 August to Saturday 26 August. Open to all.

Good news - we have a club concession at Boulder Brighton

It will give you 15% off our single entry and monthly membership prices.

So when you go, show your membership card as you book in




What's coming up soon? 

There are a lot of things coming up very soon, so get your diary out.

In chronological order:

General meeting: Wednesday  2nd. August. 1030 BUCFP Open to all. Free

Saturday 14 July Bivi and climbing at Harrisons Rocks Members only.

BASS training day -TBC Weds 26 July. First aid, knife sharpening, badge making, knot and plant revision. Members only

Adventure Camp: Sat 19 Aug - Sat 26 August. Open to all. Booking through BUCFP from Weds 5 July.

October trip to Somerset to be booked -  18 oct to 20 Oct 2017. Members only.

February – Scottish trip usually 10 day to 2 weeks. Members only.

May 2018 to Count House in Bosigran Cornwall. Members only.

Next Meetings:

10.30 start at BUCFP, Tilbury PlaceBrighton.

General meeting: Wednesday 2 August

Admin meeting: Wednesday 21st. June.

For more info contact



I will be doing regular kit reviews in this space as many of our, particularly newer, members often want advice about kit. Please feel free to contact if there is something in particular you would like me to feature.

The Perfect courier bag? 

You may remember me raving about my Millican rucksack recently. Well, Fraser the rucksack is brilliant for most things we do; climbing, hill walking etc. but when I am teaching Bushcraft I am using stuff all the time, there is limited space in my pockets and taking the rucksack off every few minutes is a hassle.

I would certainly suggest people on a bushcraft/wild food day carry a good shoulder bag. The best I have seen is the Millican Nick the messenger bag, which comes in two sizes – 13L and 17L.

I didn’t think Nick would be quite big enough for me because as well as all the field guides, loupes, brushes, knives, saws, specimen containers etc. It is also really nice to have easy access to water (or coffee), snacks and all the other things one needs in the great outdoors. On top of all that I wanted a secure way to carry a laptop to show additional information including photos and videos.

The Originals | Stewart | The Courier Bag 22L (Antique Bronze)

Millican came to the rescue with Stewart the Courier Bag 22L. As with Fraser the quality and attention to detail is fantastic and again it is made from sustainable materials (100% organic cotton canvas outer (weatherproofed), 100% organic cotton lining) and no plastic. The bag is festooned with pockets so access to everything I need is simple. It is a great piece of kit.

I have only one complaint, although my laptop does fit in the main compartment, it does not fit in the laptop sleeve. And I do not want my computer rattling around with all the lumps of metal in the main compartment. I have decided to leave the laptop behind and I will probably get hold of Nick the messenger bag 17L.

Go ahead and check out all Millican’s wonderful stuff at:   

Wide Brim Amazonas Small Tarp Hat

Just in Time

Fantastic time in Dorset. I can’t bring myself to complain about the weather being too hot but it certainly affected some of the group. Luckily, just before we left, our hats arrived. Sunstroke averted.

I bought a Tarp Hat a couple of months ago and I love it. For me they exemplify what Craggers stand for. The hats are made from recycled material – please read about them on the website – and the company donates part of its profits to a water project in Brazil.  

I thought I would contact them and see if we could set up some kind of deal. The response from Charlie and Ana was brilliant. They were really friendly and offered to provide wide brim Tarp Hats for our instructors, trustees and volunteers. They have also offered a great deal for members and also visitors to this site can get a 10% discount by using discount code "CRAGGERS".

The hats are highly recommended, so visit their website and Facebook page.


On Friday, at one of the climbing venues (Dancing Ledge) there is a sea filled pool hewn out of the rock and several people had a dip.
Although the focus was climbing I managed to fit in a few Bushcraft sessions as well, including: Spoon carving, making paracord bracelets and identifying 20 edible and medicinal plants.
We were joined by my second oldest son for a few of the days. It was a joy having him working along side me as an instructor.


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