Three of us went on a brief trip for three days or so to Snowdonia in

January 2006. We stayed at a campsite outside of Betws-y-Coed at the base of Tryfan. We did hill walking and practiced navigation – reading the land, counting paces, timing stages of a walk and navigating to specific spots around the mountains of the Carneddau.

We had one day of great weather and one day of bad weather on top of Carnedd Llewelyn with strong wind, some snow, low visibility and lots of rain. It was strange to be back in the same place the following day in totally different weather.

It was also an interesting lesson in camping in wet and wintery conditions – getting wet and then not being able to get dry in a tent and then having to climb back into your wet clothes the next day.

Maybe not an experience for everyone but good experience for those who like the mountains!