May Bank Holiday Walk

Following May Bank holiday tradition, it was a grey start to the day. By the time Brae, Carreg and I had reached the bus stop the mizzle had bejewelled my whiskers. Continuing with bank holiday tradition our bus was 30 minutes late, due to breakdowns and when it eventually arrived we were not allowed to get on as it was full. By the time we arrived at the Rottingdean meeting place we were 15 minutes late.
Grey does not necessarily mean gloomy though and we were certainly quite chipper at the thought of a walk and the weather was definitely starting to improve.
Spring is such a great time of year, with all the birds in hyperactive mode singing for all they are worth and frantically hunting nest materials.
The vegetable life, with its fresh, bright colours, is also gorgeous and we munched our way through Alexanders (peeled and eaten like celery) and Sea Kale (think salty cabbage).
We are looking forward to the next Craggers walk.