How it works

Non-members are welcome to join in with any non-subsidised activities, such as local walks and bushcraft days. However to enjoy the full benefits of Craggers (see below) and be eligible to come on a range of subsidised activities, such as, climbing and kayaking and mountaineering you will need to join and become an active member. Members of Craggers will be able to get subsidies for trips after three months of membership.


By joining Craggers you also become a member of the BMC British Mountaineering Council and will receive their new members pack, regular copies of their magazine ‘Summit’ and public liability insurance for £10 million to cover you whilst supporting others during Craggers activities.

Discounts on equipment

Membership of Craggers means you are eligible for discounts on equipment purchase and hire from various places. Other outdoors shops also give a 10% discount for being a BMC member. You will need to show your membership card to obtain these discounts.

Group Equipment

Craggers has a some clothing and equipment which can be lent out to Craggers members for trips and outings. Please ask!

Annual Membership Fees

£5 – Kids

£10 – Unwaged Adults

£20 – Low-waged Adults (e.g. Housing Benefit

£30 – Waged Adults

To become a full member of Craggers you need to attend a general meeting to be accepted (for the next meeting see the home page). Potential new members must then fill out a membership form and pay the relevant membership fee. All of Craggers activities are organised voluntarily by our members, and we encourage all members to take an active part in Craggers. Membership is only open to residents of Brighton and Hove and the local surrounding area. Membership is renewed annually during December. You will be informed when your membership is due for renewal.