Off we went to Famous Five country with lashings and lashings of vegan ginger beer. We left Timmy behind and brought our faithful but not quite so obedient pussy cat – Lucy.


We stayed at a lovely little camp site where we could walk across a couple of fields to the coast and find some great climbing spots. The campsite facilities were perfect. There were toilets and showers that were very clean and a washing machine and drying area. There was also a small shop that sold the basics.

It was a great time of year, the weather was sunny and windy and the new born lambs were frolicking in the fields. Everyone enjoyed the country walks and exploring the Jurassic coast as well as the terrific climbing opportunities.


From dawn to dusk the kids were out playing, climbing, exploring caves and generally having a jolly good time in the great outdoors. Back at the camp site in the evening the games continued with the kids playing tag and hide and seek until everyone fell into their sleeping bags for a sound nights sleep.

On one of the days we did a trip to the stunning Lulworth Cove where the kids got treated to an ice cream and Finley managed to get two for free due to having the same name as the Famous Finley’s Café.

Some of the climbs seemed extremely challenging but there were different levels for climbers of little or lots of experience. The views were stunning and magical along that coastline and even greater on the cliff ledges high above the aqua blue sea. Almost everyone had a go and the kids made it look easy as they scaled the Dorset cliffs. Where else would we be able to do activities like this at such a low cost and with great people – only Craggers.
When we visited Corfe village before our return we discovered that not only did it look like Famous Five territory but Enid Blyton herself had a holiday home in the area so we can assume that many of her books were based there.