Thanks for organising a gorgeous trip (if you could do the laundry too that would be ideal…)
We had a truly fantastic time in a lovely place in the world with great company. Carys said her best bit was climbing and Tara’s favourite part was playing super heroes. My best bit was being out and about with you all and watching the lamb races, although a close second was hearing Brae say “this is the most amazing view I have ever seen” having climbed very high up a cliff!

Helen x

Matilda and I had such an amazing time with you on our trip to Dorset!

She loved being outdoors so much, I loved the thrill of the climbing! Such a gorgeous place too, one of my favourites! I loved the diversity amongst the group, ages, abilities. Really enjoyed hanging out with the teens in the group too, don’t know many in that age group.

All in all a brilliant trip, and a MASSIVE huge THANK YOU to Craggers for organising and fundraising.

Amy xxx