Craggers Walks

Over the past year we have done a number of family walks on the South Downs.  The walks tend to be approximately 8-10 kilometres long.  We take most of a day to do a walk. We go at a pace suitable for children with lots of stops to look at things, meet animals or have snacks.


On the walks we take identification books and have tried to learn some things about the natural history of the area we are exploring.  We were aiming to do the South Downs way in parts but the logistics of using public transport for some legs are very difficult so we are now just picking local manageable routs that we think will be of interest.


I love these walks.  I really like exploring our local area and sharing information with other group members.  As adults we have a nice time chatting with other adults while the children explore but we also have nice group moments with the kids where we all look at something or eat together.  The walks are also a nice opportunity for families to spend some quality time doing something healthy.