Craggers just paid for me to renew my Archery Leader qualification.

I originally did the Archery Leader training in 2007 and the system has now changed with the general modernisation of the Grand National Archery Society (which has now rebranded itself as Archery GB) so that you can now renew online via a system something like the driving theory test, without having to repeat the original 4 day long course.

Also I am no longer an ‘Archery Leader’ but now an ‘Archery Instructor’, although this is merely a change in name.

The qualification covers safely running sessions, making them appropriate to different groups of people, using different equipment for different people, setting out and organising the range for an archery session, how to coach people to shoot better, how to care for the equipment and identify damaged kit among a load of other stuff

Thanks to Craggers for paying for me to be able to keep this qualification which enables me to lead archery sessions for children and families during our annual adventure camp.