Adventure Camp

The Adventure Camp just seems to go from strength to strength and remains as fresh and exciting as it did at its inception at the end of the last century.

This freshness is due both to the energy brought to the event by new participants and new volunteers and the new activities we seem to introduce each year.

The 2012 Camp was notable for several reasons. It will always be the diverse mix of people and their interactions which make the Camp a success but this year I think the well trained and cohesive group of volunteers working on the activities and those doing the less glamourous but vital work behind the scenes made the Camp work so well.

The funding from the Tudor Trust enabled us to purchase a camping kitchen which made catering for up to 50 people very much easier.

I could go on about all the things we did but I think I will leave it to the enthusiastic feedback we received from the families who attended to tell the story.