Monthly archives: November, 2003


Unusually for me, I took a pessimist’s approach to our week camping trip in France – expect rain and you won’t be disappointed. Luckily I was wrong and after the 9 of us had done the ferry crossing and the few hours’ drive to get to Clecy, Normandy, we enjoyed several days of beautiful sunshine….

Harrison’s Rocks

As there was no Adventure Camp at Blackland Farm this summer we decided to organise an Adventure Day instead. So, we each packed plenty of picnic food and a group of 24 (10 adults and 14 children) set off to Harrisons Rocks for a warm, sunny day in the woods. It was extremely encouraging to…

Adventure Camp Easter

The Blacklands Farm trip this year was the first time I had taken my son on an out-door activities holiday, being a single parent on a low income I was very excited to hear about Craggers at my local community centre. Living in a city I especially wanted to take Danny, my 5 year old…