Adventure Camp Feedback

“I am a single parent of four children, two girls and two boys aged 12, 10, 9 and 7…there was no sense of hierarchy but a lovely calm community spirit.

I was very impressed with how brilliantly Buster interacted with the kids at camp. He organised lots of games for them to play. He was on hand to share his many skills/knowledge in a positive supportive manner.

Tony was great he ran some fascinating bushcraft/survival activities which he made accessible to a wide age range. He is so positively supportive and encouraging of everyone getting involved and learning new skills. Always so patient and caring. So many found him approachable for many issues.

The Blackland Farm camping trip with Craggers has been one of the highlights of our year. We have gained so much as a family; confidence, self esteem, eating healthily, lots of fresh air and exercise. So much fun and laughter. It has been a great family bonding experience.


I am a single parent to 2 boys aged 7 and 2. We have been members of Craggers for over a year. This was our first time at camp.. my sons and I had a wonderful time, enjoying the fantastic opportunity to take part in so many different outdoor activities. We had a go at tree climbing with ropes, archery, zip wire, abseiling, rock climbing and kayaking generisk levitra indien.

There was wide range of ages of children at the camp and they were all encouraged to participate to an appropriate level.

I cannot recommend Craggers and all its organisers enough. Everyone had a wonderful and memorable holiday. My relationship with my son has improved as a result of it. Many, many thanks to all those involved.


This was our first experience of Craggers. We joined because it was highly recommended by friends. The activities were organised with a positive and encouraging attitude, safety was taken seriously by all the instructors and instructions were explained clearly to everyone. My son and I gained a lot of confidence from the activities and from working as a team. I found it to be a valuable positive and thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Over the past 6 years my two daughters and I, now aged 91/2   and 111/2 have been away with Craggers in total 4 times to Blackland Farm and various other trips and family activity days.

We have always found the activities to be well organised, safe and enjoyable. My daughters and I have gained a lot of self confidence from taking part. The day to day running of the camps is based upon mutual co operation within the group. We hope Craggers will be able to continue to offer this opportunity to us and other families that might not otherwise be able to have this experience, being a welcome break from society and time for personal growth.